Mr. Mom: Family Music Video

We had the opportunity to do a music video for a family this week. It was a lot of fun to make a music video for someone else! They had the idea to use the song Mr. Mom by Lonestar. It was the perfect song for a family!! Dad was such a good sport, and the kids loved being crazy for the camera, they were naturals! Enjoy!


Shepherd Family Pictures

This was such a fun video to do! It is different than what I normally do. It was laid back! I love doing Weddings, but they are fast paced and often a little stressful. This was no big deal, just hanging out! And the pictures turned out amazing! I would love to have such fabulous family pictures! Thanks for letting me join you for your Family Photos! Enjoy!

Shepherd Family from StormCloud Productions on Vimeo.

Cooler Than Me

Here is our newest music video.  It’s not just me and the hubs this time. In fact, he isn’t even in this one. Sad day. He is the one that filmed it for us.  His little brother and my 3 girlfriends joined me for this one. Hope you enjoy it! We had a blast! We did it to the song “Cooler than Me” by Mike Posner. Thank you Mike Posner, for being Cooler than all of us and singing this song! 🙂

Lets Celebrate our Birthdays!

It’s our Spring Break this week and my husbands little brother Kade came down to hang out. He’s going to be moving down here next semester, so we gave him the grand tour. It also happens to be his 18th birthday today! In celebration of his birthday, we made a music video. He is a super fun addition to the music video, it’s so nice to have someone else join in, besides just Spenser and I. We are always trying to recruit people to do videos with us! We are so glad Kade agreed. He is a natural and now this is my new favorite video!! Happy Birthday Kade!!! Thanks for coming to hang out with us!!

Car Trouble

On Thanksgiving my husband and I discovered what we are truly grateful for…and that is, a car that works!! My family celebrates Thanksgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year so that every one will be able to make it. It is my favorite Holiday! I love getting together with the whole family! Well, now that I am married, I am extra lucky because I get to have Thanksgiving twice! Our families live 4 hours apart so on Saturday morning we headed down to my families house at 5:00 am so that we could get there early, get ready and have another great Thanksgiving. Well…at about 6:30 am and only 17 degrees outside…the car broke down. Let’s just say that from the time we left at 5:00 am it took us a total of twelve hours to get to my parents house. Huge bummer!!! We pretty much missed Thanksgiving and missed getting to visit with most of the family. Thank goodness there is always next year right?! So in memory of our car that once was so good to us…enjoy this video!

My Lip Gloss is Poppin’

My mom, my sister, and I decided that it would be fun to make our own music video with just us girls! My mom wanted to do it for so long and we just kept putting it off! Then 6 months ago I came out to visit on my birthday so we got a few clips… now 6 months later I finally put it together!  We didn’t spend too much time on it, so it’s just short and simple but we sure had fun doing it! Hope you like it!

Dakota and Debra’s Music Video

I had the opportunity to film my friend Debra’s wedding last weekend! I was so excited when she asked me to do it! I have known her for such a long time, we went to school together, were both on swim team, and got to travel to Italy in High School with Culture Club! Her and Dakota have been together for quite some time now and have always been such a cute couple! Their wedding was amazing and Debra was a GORGEOUS bride!! She wanted to do a music video on her wedding day to Garth Brooks “Wrapped up in You”…I thought it was such a fun idea! Unfortunately, we didn’t have all of the time we would have liked to but I still think we got some great stuff! Wedding days tend to be super busy, but even still, Debra and Dakota were so relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it! Congrats to the new couple!! Enjoy their music video!!