CjCarroll Photographs…Behind the Lens

It just so happens that my mom is a Photographer, a wonderful one at that! I was fortunate enough to not have to go shopping around for the perfect photographer to take my wedding pictures, I already had the perfect one! The problem was finding the video..because well, I can’t film my own! But I was fortunate enough to have Serendipity Videography film part of my wedding day for me and give me the footage to edit together! (Stay posted for my wedding video…) I have the wonderful opportunity of working with them and I love their work!!! I was so grateful that they were willing to do this for me! BUT, this video however is not about me on my Wedding Day, I put this together to give you all the opportunity to see the beautiful work of my mom…CjCarroll Photographs! Not only does she take beautiful pictures, she is SO funny and fun to have around! Not that brides and grooms have a hard time smiling on their Wedding Day, but with her around she is sure to make you laugh! I hope you enjoy this video and enjoy the beautiful pictures from CjCarroll Photographs!!